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Actions for Children’s Trust is the parent organization for ALLEVIATE, child Initiative an organization that has for the past 6 years changed and improved the quality of life for many Ugandan children. Working alongside other organizations, local leaders and parents, we ensure that a disabled child does not suffer as a result of their parent social standing and a child suffering from disease from poor backgrounds have equal access to health care as those from affluent families.

There are a few ways you could participate in the struggle to end needless disability, social isolation medical and health care inequality. Here are ways you can do that:

Sponsor a child

build with us

For just £0.20pp you can change a child’s life forever. Acts Uganda operates in low resourced areas and access to services such as rehabilitation centres; sensory play and specialist schools for children with special Educational need (SEN) are not available. Kiwumulo house (The Den) will be the first of the kind in the community.

A locally baked brick goes for just £0.20pp; or you can choose to buy a bag of cement at £7; or roofing sheets at £15. Simply go to our donate page and choose the option that applies.

Buy a mobility aid/ assists

A gift towards the purchase of a wheel chair, pediatric standing and posterior walking frames; Ankle Foot Orthoses and Knee Ankle foot orthoses and more changes a child’s life for ever. Please make your donation from the donate page by choosing the option that applies.

Parents’ quotes

”I cannot even imagine where my Vivian would be if it were not for this organisation. Just recently Vivian needed emergency medical care and I was stuck; I basically feared calling Esther from the office as too much money has already been spent on Vivian’s health. Vivian was tranfered to the national referral hospital and she almost died during the transfer. Vivian is alive because of the organisation. How can someone support a person this much whom they do not know! Thank you to whoever gives money to acts Uganda. Only God can reward such love.”- Sarah Nannozi

About us

We are actions for children’s trust.

Our goal is to minimize social isolation, medical inequity for children living with disabilities and disease


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