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Actions for Children’s Trust is the new name for Den Health Initiative and a registered Ugandan NGO reg. no. 13179. Since 2016, we have had a number of children being supported in our programs, children recieving help from us. We provide with these kids a range of services ranging from provision of routine medical support, Social integrations, funding of advanced treatment and purchase of equipent such as wheel chairs, posterior standing and walking frames… We hope we can inspire you to support ACTS financially or choose to sign up to work as a volunteer

There is so much we can do together to ‘change the world, at least the world of one child’

who we are

Actions for Children’s Trust, Uganda is a place of safety, a belonging and a voice. We are a Ugandan registered charity run and managed by a team of trustees. The objectives of the charity are the advancement of health and health promotion programs; promote education programs aimed at children with special ‘educational’ needs, and to show love and compassion for Jesus. We are in close working relationship with local Community Based Organisations and Non-Governmental Organisations with similar programs aimed at children’s health and prmotion of inclusive education.

Specific programs and activities we help manage and fund are:

  • ACTS-Uganda ‘Stay and Play’ Day care centre- Wobulenzi
  • ACTS-Uganda ‘Stay and Play’ Day care centre- Kampala
  • Community Outreach and education funding
  • purchase of disability appliances and assists
  • Rehabilitation services and
  • medical fund (MEDI-FUND)

ACTS- Uganda was established by a team of visionary leaders who believe in easy, attainable guiding principles and fundamental values which informs the foundation of the ethical foundation. The organisation runs on endorsed principles and ethics which underpins our mission: here is what we value most

Our Values


We aiming to maintain the highest standards of care and people handling continually measuring and improving our outcomes and scope.


We support and encourage moving with the trend and support invention and continually seek better, more efficient ways to achieve the Organisation’s goals

Team work

We collaborate and share knowledge to benefit patients and other caregivers for the advancement of our mission as well as become a beacon of change in every aspect of healthcare offered


We strive to exceed the community and other caregivers’ expectations for service delivery and convenience; and all people to be treated with respect and dignity


We adhere to peculiar moral principles and professional standards committing ourselves to honesty, confidentiality, trust, respect and transparency


We also seek to demonstrate our commitment to the highest standards of care by providing a caring and a supportive environment for children, their families and other carers reflecting Christ like image

What we do

At Actions for Children’s Trust our focus is on raising awareness, and advocate for and promote the interests of a child with special needs. Using the acronym PACES we

  • Promote collaborative working with agencies working directly with children and provide
  • Accessible medical and health care services to disadvantaged children through medical Aid and consultation services; Encourage the promotion of
  • Capacity building, promotion of equal opportunities in health and social equality as a basic right
  • Empower families and the public on how to support their children’s social and educational needs, as well as…
  • Supporting and treating children with reversible medical or health conditions


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