What we do

At ACTS-Uganda, we focus on raising awareness, and advocate for and promote the interests of a child with special needs. We generally support children suffering as a result of unequal access to health and medical care services and as a result of the plight they are in increases their chances of increased disability and or death. Using the acronym PACES we

  • Promote collaborative working with agencies working directly with children and provide
  • Accessible medical and health care services to disadvantaged children through medical Aid and consultation services; Encourage the promotion of
  • Capacity building, promotion of equal opportunities in health and social equality as a basic right
  • Empower families and the public on how to support their children’s social and educational needs, as well as…
  • Supporting and treating children with reversible medical or health conditions

Our products and services

We provide a range of services which includes MEDI-fund which is usually a lifeline to a child in an emergency situation; Centre based therapy and care which includes sensory play and Schooling for children with Special Educational Needs. Other includes…

Home and follow up services which involves following up on equipment use and how effective it is to helping a child gain some independence; plus how the equipment improves the child’s quality of life.

Community support services and empowerment of parents sensitizing the community on disability and benefits for supporting children with disabilities. These are sometimes special clinics with the actual goal of giving parents technics to support their disabled child.

Working alongside parents we provide corrective support to children living with changeable deformities of which some require corrective surgery and rehabilitation. These services are carried our by a team of specialists who guide the parents on routine daily exercise of bodily muscle….

Nutrition support for children malnourished. Most children we support due to their disability have a swallowing problem (dysphagia) and are prone to getting malnourished as a result. We do not simply give food but we train parents best ways to feed them and minimize risks of chesty infections which may sometimes prove fatal.

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