About us

We are a charitable organization working with local Ugandan organizations currently with ALLEVIATE, Child Initiative to raise awareness, minimize medical and health inequity as well as promoting and advocating for the welfare of children, especially those living with chronic illnesses and disability. We believe every child deserves a right to equal access to health care; children living with neurological and life threatening disease or illnesses having the best quality of life and treatment available. Working with the parents of these children, we want to cut the chords of generational poverty through empowerments in job creation and entrepreneurship programs.

We work with parents whose financial standing positions their children at a disadvantage to being able to cope with their routine medication and needed health care or treatment. We offer services that are aimed to improving the life chances and quality of life. We believe we are ‘Hands and Feet’ delivering services to those who needs them most.


Our mission is ”to be a beacon of hope to children living with disabilities and disease.”

We aspire to proactively enable delivery of relevant and accessible services, providing compassionate and realistic medical and health care support to children; holistically support and empower the community on issues pertinent to health emphasizing safety to children.

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